May 19, 2024

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A growing number of healthcare systems are adding thoughtful amenities to support the health and well-being of their physicians, nurses, technicians and other staff. A recent study found that regular rest breaks, with enough time to enjoy a meal, may be an effective strategy for lowering staff fatigue.

The challenge comes with providing enough time to enjoy those meal breaks. That’s why leading healthcare dining programs are using mobile ordering with smart food pickup lockers to help workers optimize—and enjoy—their meal breaks. These easily added technologies enable greater flexibility for employees and can make mealtimes more relaxing.

Making the most of 30-minute breaks

Healthcare workers typically receive a 30-minute break for meals, which is meant to help them recharge physically and mentally for the remainder of their shift. However, that half-hour break effectively shrinks to 10 or 15 minutes if they have to walk far to the dining area, wait in line to order and wait some more for their food to be prepared.

By providing mobile ordering with time-saving smart food lockers, employees regain more time in their break. They skip the lines for ordering, and instead, walk to the food locker and pick up their order in seconds. Then they can immediately start to enjoy their meal, with more time to relax instead of feeling rushed and watching the clock.

Having quick access to meal options gives employees more control of their time and can feel like a moment of self-care during their busy day. This can create a more positive work environment where employees know their needs are being met and they are appreciated.

Optimizing dining labor efficiency

Behind the scenes in the dining operation, foodservice employees are likely feeling more pressure, too. The industry’s ongoing labor shortage has left their shifts understaffed at times, resulting in extra workload, more stress and more dissatisfied customers.

When the dining operation adds digital ordering and food lockers, foodservice employees can serve more guests with less work. Lines at the register are shorter, since a significant number of guests prefer to order by mobile app, kiosk or website. Walk-in guests appreciate the speedier service and reduced congestion, too.

Once the order is prepared, an employee simply loads it into the locker and moves on to the next order or task. Foodservice operations using food lockers can see a big uptick in order throughput and speed of service, especially during peak mealtime hours. In addition, placing to-go orders in food lockers instead of simply setting them on a counter or shelf prevents them from being picked up by the wrong person, which results in fewer remakes and happier guests, too.

Helping healthcare workers streamline their meal breaks can be just what they need to feel more in control of their day and more supported by their employers. It gives them more time back in their day to truly enjoy their meals, without the added aggravation of long lines and waits. Find out more about all the benefits of smart food lockers at

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